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GBU Admission 2022 Undergraduate Courses To Fast Track Your Career, BBA Or BCA.

GBU Admission 2022: Located in Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha University is one of the finest universities. In close proximity are the industries in NOIDA, NCT Delhi and IT hubs in Gurugram. This ensures that students are exposed to industry and also have a gala time during their stint at GBU

BBA: A launchpad for a career in business

The present world is transforming into a global village because of the arrival of new advances and global economies are ending up becoming more mutually dependent because of globalization. Thus, trade ties and cooperation among people and organizations are expanding quickly.

Profiting by globalization, goods can now venture out to each nook and corner of the world. You can get Indian Tribal art in New York, Italian Parmesan and Canadian Maple Syrup in Mumbai due to globalization. Globalization makes our lives simpler, and it gives a worldwide market to little and big manufacturers alike.

Innovation has helped in reducing non-tariff trade barriers (NTBs). East African nations, for instance, are utilizing online frameworks where traders can report NTBs which are settled inside 48 hours. It very well may be utilized in making worldwide supply chains which businesses can get access to. Different uses of technology in reducing NTBs are, its use in product standards and customs inspection.

With globalization and lesser NTBs, worldwide trade is expanding and set to increment exponentially, and with worldwide trade expansion, the requirement for rules, regulations and standards increases. Global organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO) are pushing for these standards and guidelines, creating a need for business management and business administration experts.

A degree in Business Administration will be your launchpad into the world of business administration. This degree equips you with the right skills to venture into the many aspects of business administration and management.

BBA at Gautam Buddha University

The School of Management at GBU offers an integrated dual degree course. The five years integrated BBA-MBA course (with an exit option after BBA) is a remarkable course. It puts students in a favourable position since no courses are repeated and only advance at each level.

The objective here is that once you have established a basis in business administration, it is easier for you to select a specialization.

 The School has state of the art classrooms equipped with computing and multimedia facilities and supported by an extensive library of books, journals, films & databases. The curriculum of all its academic activities has international and cross-cultural focus. It also has Computer Labs, Professional Development Lab & Communication Lab.

 Pursuing BBA at GBU will open a lot of doors for you, its course is apt for today’s world. Due to its close proximity to industry and the national capital, students have a huge scope for exposure.


When you get an MBA degree, career avenues always open up. Your winning potential increments with more prominent professional stability. MBA commands respect from fellow colleagues. The degree itself commands a lot of weight, however, it’s your all-encompassing scope of capacities that finally separates you from others. Whether you pick a program that offers concentrations or ones focused on leadership and administration, you will be very much served by the stature it passes on. Regardless of whether you are revamping a division, or starting your own business, you can do so unhesitatingly. Employers search for people who can give vision and clarity while directing an organization through strategic and organisational difficulties.

When you pursue BBA at GBU, you have the opportunity to opt for an integrated dual degree BBA-MBA course.


Business analysing is emerging as a core business practice in recent years. It’s an indispensable link between a firm’s IT capabilities and its business objectives. The business analyst’s essential target is helping organizations actualize technology solutions in a cost-effective manner by deciding the prerequisites of a task or program, and conveying them clearly to partners, facilitators and stakeholders.


The common name for this profile is sales. This is otherwise called Account Management/Relationship Management. The word sales by itself should be enough. This also usually means that you will have to be on-site many times.

 Consulting is a later alternative for MBA graduates since customarily, sales isn’t an aptitude an MBA furnishes you fundamentally with – that is the reason you don’t have b-schools offering a specialization in sales. Yet, it is quickly turning into the strong point of MBA graduates.

BCA:Gateway to Technology world

                The recent technological advancements have overwhelmed the world. Humankind is turning to computers, laptops and mobile phones for their everyday tasks. With our growing reliance on these machines, it has turned out to be obvious to create a workforce which can be relied upon to develop, maintain and provide support to these machines. Because of these reasons, a Degree in BCA is desirable.

For students who want to explore the realms of computer languages, a course in Computer Applications is a decent career option. This course encourages students to clear their way in the regularly evolving I.T. industry.

The BCA course is a career-oriented course which gives an inside-out comprehensive knowledge of the domain of PCs and PC applications. It teaches Networking, Programming in C language, World Wide Web, Data Structure, Database Management and Mathematics.

The course means to produce skilled PC experts who have practical experience in a wide scope of PC applications. It grants students the ability to create and invent. It enables them to assess and break down information. It also means to create enterprising aptitudes among the young.

The School of Information and Communication Technology (SoICT) at GBU offers a three year BCA course. The SoICT has been progressing towards excellence in the field of technical education and research.

The School aims to produce competent professionals having a strong sense of social responsibilities and to become a hub of research and development activities of national and international recognition. The academic programmes are designed in line with the best universities around the world. The School combines the best practices of pedagogy and classroom teaching, complemented by practical training and experiential learning.

It also has a plethora of labs including, Computer Lab-1, Computer Lab-2 Computer Lab-3 (Windows Operating Systems), Basic Electronics Laboratory, Electronic Circuits Lab, Logic Design Lab, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Lab, Wireless Technologies Lab, Optical Communication Lab, Analog Communication Lab, VLSI Design Lab, DSP Lab, Microprocessor and interfacing Lab, Microwave & Antenna Lab, Electronics Workshop, Computer Networking Lab, Expert System Lab, Multimedia Technology Lab, Parallel Processing Lab, Advance Digital Communication Lab, Research and Projects Lab, Open Source Software Lab, Embedded System Lab, Image Processing Lab and Computer Vision Lab.

Pursuing BCA at GBU provides you access to quality education, labs and exposure to an established IT industry in Noida, Delhi and Gurugram. 

1.    OPT FOR MCA:

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a course that deals with the development of computer applications. The course essentially centres on giving information about various parts of computer science and related fields.

MCA educational programs are slanted more towards Application Development. It has more accentuation on most recent programming languages. MCA course incorporates different parts of computational theory, programming, algorithm design and optimization, network and database management, mobile technologies, electronics, mathematics, probability, statistics etc.


These are the pioneers behind the different software programs that individuals use. Software developers are in charge of making the fundamental frameworks which guarantee smooth working of PC programs.

A software developer tests and actualizes new software programs. They are additionally in charge of planning and refreshing software base. Fixing the issues emerging because of software is likewise the job of a software developer.

3.    Web designer:

A web designer is in charge of the appearance of the website. They plan, make and code the websites so that it is effective and easy to use. They are the designers of the format and highlights of a website.

So as to satisfy these obligations, they require sound information of computer programming just as realistic structuring. In the mechanical angle, their activity expects them to take care of coding issues and decide the specialized prerequisites of the website. In this manner, a web designer ought to in a perfect world have great learning of computer dialects, for example, HTML and Javascript.

Web designers typically work with groups or administrators for refreshing the destinations according to the requirements of customers; anyway one can work freely as well.

GBU is thus a clear choice for students to pursue undergraduate courses. It offers quality education and limitless exposure to its students, boosting their capabilities and helping them find the ideal job.

So what are you waiting for? If you feel that you have a burning desire to nurture a career with renowned university, register yourself with Gautam Buddha University, today!

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